Another Time

We move through this time in our usual day to day continuousness. Yet, there is actually another time flowing in parallel which is simply not visible from our human perspective of time. There is a time in a place where our eyes usually do not enter, flowing since time immemorial, quietly and softly.

It is possible to feel an overwhelming presence of this other time when a person first visits the place which is separated from everyday life. This is something which will not touch the site of most people; it is something that can only be felt in the presence of nature made by a time which cannot even be measured.

Those who have such an experience will certainly not lose the sensation, rather, back in daily life, the sensation can be brought about by random moments with sensations reminiscent of another time. This is possible by being sensitive to the flow of time immemorial which exists even in small instances of nature such as trees in a park, potted plants on a veranda or a dandelion blooming in the street.

This series of paintings expresses this other time flowing within nature; whether reacting to nature on a large or small scale, I feel its close presence.

leaf dandelion where it all begins hydrangea rainfall on a faraway island (II) rainfall on a faraway island (I) voice of the tree - full moon night winter morning cell fate puddle in the sky rebirth celebration of life silence in the storm red secret as the moment becomes the past flowering Art Trace Gallery Art Trace Gallery Art Trace Gallery Art Trace Gallery