Night Garden

A garden in the night where no one is.

Just as I slowly entrust my body upon entering water, so do I entrust myself to the eternally continuing layers of darkness, sinking together within the cold air of the night, the colors once overflowing in the light of the sun.

My skin catches the moist, thick air of the night as all sensation gradually dissolves from my fingertips. I listen to my pulse beating together with the plants around. I feel consciousness slowly escape my body.

I am enveloped by those plants flourishing in the darkness. The spirits of the plants are accentuated by the few colors and sounds floating through the darkness. Such a quiet existence is that of the plants yet so powerful I feel as if about to be overwhelmed.

There is no sense of good and bad - there is simply existence; felt in the moment when coming into touch with something elemental found in those small gardens everywhere.

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